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As soon as you lay down a creative concept, we get cracking to create a flamboyant final output! The team is spearheaded by Kishor who has worked on award-winning projects like Sunsilk Keratinology web series, which initiated his career as a producer-director at BC Web Wise.

He moved on to win awards for SimMom Feed IQ campaign, Sunsilk Style Diaries, Sunsilk Start Your Story and lots more.

Micro, UGC & VOX Pop Videos

One of the finest ways to recognize consumer pain-points and place the product/service as a solution is to go out there and converse with the consumers.

User generated content video and vox pop video is an excellent measure of your brand love. Engaging with your patrons, connecting them with your brand and getting their involvement in return are a real measure of digital success. Investing in this genre of video production offers you a chance to hear the voice of your consumers and their testament for your brand, presented to the world. The best user generated content video and vox pop video will raise your brand perception among the prospective audience. While, micro videos are short, 7-20 second video clips,regularly created via a micro video social media platform such as Snapchat, Instagram, or Vine.Consider that if time is money, this few seconds micro video is not a huge investment for customers, and thus, makes them more persuaded to view content in its fullness, leading to higher viewer retention rates. With micro video, your business can connect with its patron and deliver small amounts of potent brand images, main product or service information and lots more.

Conveying a message through these videos resonates more with spectators. There is something fundamentally more real about seeing someone or something in motion. An emotions lead to actions and its simpler to take them at face value when it’s in video. Being able to see people’s tone of voice or moving facial expressions can totally change perception. The communications feel like they’re two-way, contrasted with a picture, which doesn’t have the similar effect.

When it comes to social media, these videos offer tremendous potential for shareability. They have the knack to go viral or for the brand broadcasting the video to bring a massive following to your product. 

Over the years, Kiara Digital Production has won the trust of many leading clients by delivering outstanding quality of user generated content videos, micro video and vox pops videos at really competitive rates. Get in touch with our team today and let us lead you on the road of recognition!